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EmeraldMinex (or Emerald Mine eXtended) is an extended Windows port of the Amiga game Emerald Mine
and also includes all extensions of the Emerald Mine Clubs (EMC) and some own extensions.
EmeraldMinex is freeware.


  • Over 50,000 levels from the Emerald Web (http://www.emeraldmines.net) playable
  • Level browser with preview for quick navigation through all these levels
  • Emerald Mine clone, compatible with EMC version 6
  • At screen widths of at least 1280 pixels, the entire level is displayed (otherwise scrolling)
  • Integrated level editor
  • Control with cursor keys, WASD or game controller
  • Rewind time with page up and page down keys
  • Automatic and manual save points
  • Slow down and speed up time with left and right shift key
  • Games can be recorded and replayed at any time with "Replay"
  • Export function: created levels can be converted to the format of "Rocks'n'Diamonds" (https://www.artsoft.org) and
    "X11 Emerald Mine" (http://www.emeraldmines.net/?emeraldx11)
  • Low requirements: still runs on an older Windows (tested on Windows 10 / 7 / XP / 98) and
    on a slower computer with onboard graphics (maybe you have to select 30 fps instead of 60 fps)
  • Uses DirectX if available for better performance by default, but DirectX can also be disabled

The versions 2020.09.19 and later also allows you to enter a zoom factor so that the game window can almost fill the screen. If the level size exceeds the screen size, the game scrolls automatically.

The new version 2021.04.29 also exists as a 64-bit program - maybe Windows no longer supports 32-bit programs at some point (like 16-bit programs). If you don't need 64 bit, you can delete the three files with 64 at the end.
This release also contains better designed help pages and better support for monitors with more than 60 Hz.
Furthermore, the problem of stuttering on maps with a large number of opponents has been fixed. The android's  EMC compatibility has also been improved. The slight change in its behavior, however, means that the playback of games recorded with the old version isn't correctly if the level contains androids. So I left the old version in the download.


Newest Version:  EmeraldMinex.zip  (Version 2021.04.29)

Old Version:  EmeraldMinex-2020.09.26.zip  (Version 2020.09.26 )

No installation required, just unzip the zip file, start EmeraldMinex.exe or EmeraldMinex64.exe and click on "English" for the
English language in the top right corner.





Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.